Deserts | World General Knowledge

Deserts | World General Knowledge


An area with less than 10 cm (25 cm) of rainfall per year is considered a desert. Deserts cover more than one fifth of the world’s surface area, and are found on every continent.

Arid Regions:

Deserts are part of a broad subdivision of regions called “arid regions.” These areas are less prone to moisture, which means they can lose more moisture by evaporation than they get in the annual rainfall.

Desert is a very dry biome. They have little vegetation and little rain. Most of the world’s major deserts are found in the tropics.

Places where Deserts are Found:

The deserts of the world are usually found in four places:

  1. in tropical areas
  2. inland areas on the central sides
  3. on the side facing the mountain levels
  4. and in coastal areas.

Most of the world’s major deserts are found in the tropics. The western and tropical deserts of Tropic and Cropic of Capricorn. Deserts cover about one fifth of the world’s surface.

Ten Greatest Deserts in the world and their Area:

The Ten Largest Deserts

  Desert Area (km²)
1 Antarctic Desert (Antarctica) 14,200,000
2 Arctic Desert (Arctic) 13,900,000
3 Sahara Desert (Africa) 9,100,000
4 Arabian Desert (Middle East) 2,600,000
5 Gobi Desert (Asia) 1,300,000
6 Patagonian Desert (South America) 670,000
7 The Great Victoria Desert (Australia) 647,000
8 Kalahari Desert (Africa) 570,000
9 Great Basin Desert (North America) 490,000
10 Syrian Desert (Middle East) 490,000

Formation  of Deserts:

Deserts are formed when mountains on the edge of the desert prevent rain from reaching. Rain falls on one side of the mountain and in many cases creates a rain forest. Deserts offer a wide variety of plants and animals. The only biodiversity that exists is the rain forest biome.

Types of Deserts:

There are two types of deserts.

1) The Hot Desert:

In the Tropical Desert there are only ten inches or less of rain each year.

2) Cold Desert :

The Cold Desert is a major form of rain, mist, or snow.


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