The Economist June 4th 2022 (Complete PDF)

    The Economist June 4th 2022 (Complete PDF)

    With his threats to use the bomb, Russia’s president has overturned the nuclear order
    The war in Ukraine is unlikely to go nuclear. But it is increasing the risk that some future conflict will
    Ukrainian troops face encirclement as Russia advances
    Iran’s defunct nuclear-containment pact has contaminated American politics
    America’s next recession A downturn looks likely. If it happens it will be mild but messy
    Genetics, germs and saving reefs To save some ecosystems, humans must intervene more, not less
    Corals are threatened by global warming. Howpre-emptive tinkering by people might be able to save them
    China’s overrated spies They are good at hacking and harassing dissidents. But in other areas China’s spooks have a lot to learn
    Don’t take your whole self to work It is a bad idea

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